Monday, January 1, 2018


So, I decided I miss singing on the regular. And a lot of really cool indie/fan creators are putting out new songs and the instrumentals for them. So this year -- at least once in a while -- I want to start putting out covers of songs.

Sometimes fan-created, sometimes better-known, always with the awareness that everything I do will be slowly improving over time (I hope).

To wit, entry 1: "Doki Doki Forever," originally by the amazing OR3O★, who's shared her instrumental for this song. The original version features four amazingly talented women on vocals (the composer included), so please go check it out!

Mike Dent has been coaching me in the art of better mixing. So this is way better than when he first heard it, and I'm hoping to improve going forward. As for the visual -- it's mostly a placeholder, and the pics are by me... uh, IDK why the image itself is so ding-dang small, but I'm writing this a few minutes from 2018 so let's just roll with it.

I am eyeing a Bendy and the Ink Machine tune next. If you guys enjoyed, please consider subscribing to my channel, as I'm gonna try to make better use of it going forward.

And let's all start today on the right foot, and pray God 2018 doesn't suck. Yeah? Yeah.


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