Friday, February 9, 2018

See Me at ODU Minicon!

Looking to bend my ear about all the things? Catch me this weekend at ODU Minicon! (Yes, this is the same one I had to bow out of last year for health reasons -- I'm taking my Vitamin C and staying healthy so I don't suddenly contract a plague tomorrow morning.)

I'll be presenting three panels at the event for your enjoyment, edification, and heckling:

Friday, 9 PM: "Doctor Who: The Un-Sci-Fi"
A discussion of the history of Doctor Who and its ever-changing genre. We'll talk about the literary definition of sci-fi, the genres that the show most closely fits in its various eras, what Doctor Who can be most closely called, and then we'll open up discussion to those times when Doctor Who really nailed the sci-fi style.

Saturday, 2 PM: "Getting Started in the Anime Industry"
I can't help you get a role in your favorite dub, but I can teach you what you need to know to ace an interview with streaming subtitle sites! Get a heads-up on the jobs available, how to prep for them, what software you'll need, and what to expect at your "interview."

Saturday, 7 PM: "A History of Magical Girls: From Sally to Madoka"
What was the first magical girl series to kill off its heroine? Who was the first transforming magical girl? Where did the earliest shows get their inspiration? We'll discuss the history of the genre, some notable titles, and how it became what it is today. And then we'll spend the rest of the hour talking about our faves!

I will also be appearing with Friday Night Fanfiction for their late-night panel on Friday, partaking of some vintage fanfic.

Note: I will not be at the con on Sunday, as I have work commitments.

Want to go? RSVP on their Facebook page and check them out to find out more!


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