Monday, March 19, 2018

My (Re)Generation Who 4 Schedule and WAIT WHAT

So Wednesday, I'll be rolling into Baltimore. I'll leave you all with something to read while I'm driving (unless I just get too damn swamped with work -- a potential reality), but I want to get this cranked out before I forget: my weekend schedule.

Since I'm community manager and Various Other Assorted Things, I will be running around like mad in addition to these times. But if you'd like to see things I'm involved with, I highly encourage you to hit up one of these events.

Heck, I just encourage you to hit up the con in general.

We Are (Re)Generation Who: Friday 3pm, Panel Room 1

I'll be joining the con chairs to take them through a discussion of what (Re)Gen is, what to expect, and how it all started. Bring your questions, comments, and curiosities. And if you've never been to a (Re)Gen before, it's a great idea to come to this to get your bearings!

Friday Evening with the Companions: Friday 7pm, Large Panels Room

After the second years of this panel, I informed our Head of Programming that I was never giving this panel up. We always get a different mix of companions coming in to chat, and something crazy and hilarious always happens. This year I'll be chatting with William Russell (Ian Chesterton), John Leeson (the voice of K-9), and Mark Strickson (Turlough).

The Dave Ross Variety Show: Friday 9pm, Large Panels Room

Terry Molloy is back with his evening variety show! I will be present (at least for the first bit), along with dancing, comedy, drama, skits, and God knows what else. I promise you will have a good time.

Writers on Deck! Late Night Reading: Friday 10pm, Panel Room 1

Paul Magrs and I had this idea a few months ago, and it's come to pass. Join us for a late-night get-together and listen to some of our writer guests read a bit of their Who and non-Who writing!

Big Finish Interview: Jason Haigh-Ellery: Saturday 10am, Panel Room 2

Joining one of the fellas behind Big Finish to talk about his career, the trajectory of the company, and what to expect next from their many lines!

Peter Capaldi: Saturday 1pm, Large Panel Room

Um. I just found out that this is his first interview since leaving the show. Yeah. No kidding. The Radio Times told me so. So you know. No pressure. Just making history and stuff. (Though in all seriousness I am so pleased he can make it to our event, and am looking forward to the afternoon immensely.)

Making Your Book: Saturday 10pm, Panel Room 2

Ginger Hoesly and I will be reprising our panel from PotterVerse!... Well, we're hoping to get shifted up to an earlier time slot, but we shall see.

And that's... well, I'd say that's "it" but that doesn't sound much like an "it." I'm also going to be running around taking photos and video and helping the rest of staff and guests make awesomeness happen.

Will I see you guys there?

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