Friday, March 9, 2018

Other Worlds Than These: A New Song and a New Book!

Oh boy. It's a busy time leading up to (Re)Generation Who, kids. Every job is running on all cylinders. But I'm happy to say that there are at least two things to show for it right now!

First up, a new "City of the Saved" book is on its way! Stranger Tales of the City features new stories about City residents who are somehow "alien" to the ways of the galaxy-sized afterlife.

My story, "The Wandering Child," moves between the City and Meiji-era Japan, following a young shrine maiden named Sute who still awaits her savior even after awakening in the City. It's something of a spiritual successor to my story in Tales of the Civil War, approaching themes of religion and faith within the City. But it has a very different ending.

Order your copy now from Obverse Books!

Additionally, I've just finished a new song video. "Bloodmoon Fury" is a filk of "Moonlight Shadow" penned by Managlitch City Underground creator Michael O'Brien. I had tons of fun singing it, and tons of fun putting the video together. I hope you enjoy! And do give MGCU a listen if you haven't already.

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