Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I've never edited an anthology before, what am I doing.

I followed the hype around Alexandria's mysterious black sarcophagus because of course I did. It's me. And while I enjoyed a lot of the silly theories around who or what was inside, I noticed a lot of them getting pretty samey. It struck me that I knew tons of writers, teachers, artists, and other clever sorts who could take this unopened mystery and dream up a lot of amazing things from it.

Since I'd read in the news that it would take a while to open it, I kicked off an idea: a charity anthology of writers and artists predicting what's inside. It could be logical, fanciful, whatever, as long as there was an answer and it wasn't "sweet death come to remove me from this crapsack world" or something. I got a lot of positive response, and was prepping to get things rolling...

And then they opened it up and it was skeletons and poo water. Ah well.

I considered scrapping it, but checked with interested parties first. The idea of a general "what's in the box" type anthology still appealed to both readers and contributors, and a friend found a good charity for conservation and restoration of Egyptian artifact. So uh.

I guess I'm doing an anthology, guys.

UNEARTHED is open for pitches, and I've already gotten a few in. It's going to be fun to go through them, I think, and also to write something of my own for it. That said... I've never done this before. I've only been on the writer end, never the editor side. Fortunately, Keith deCandido has offered his guidance (as he has done this before) so I should at least have a decent fallback.

The antho will be released under Altrix Books, the imprint Paul Driscoll and I created to release Seasons of War: Gallifrey and some other upcoming projects, so that meant cranking out social media and everything. I had a busy handful of days getting everything in line buuuut...

I'm looking forward to it.

I'm a bit excited to be overseeing something that other people will be contributing to.

And since I was big into Egyptology as a Tiny Kara, I'm glad to be dipping back into that.

More news as this madness progresses.

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