Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Year Ahead - What to Expect in 2019!

'tis the week after Christmas: the time when all good content creators focus on talking about the year ahead. The solopreneurs with their pastel prefab sites already have resolutions more than covered—for you, for your business, and for convincing you to subscribe to their newsletter and buy their $36 foolproof social media calendar. So, you know, I'll leave that to them.

2018 was a year of colossal change for me and my work. Some of it was amazing: books in progress finally saw the light of day, collaborations came about, and the creative communities around me are looking geared up to make some amazing things in the coming year. Some of it was, to put it lightly, less than amazing. I've had to make changes to what was my norm, and some of that will show in what's coming in the year ahead.

So, really quickly this Boxing Day (because the UK gets that while we go back to work), here's what to expect from me in the year to come:

Fewer conventions—and differently.

For a variety of reasons—largely related to deadlines and energy levels—I have stepped down from staffing conventions. Where I was doing close to a dozen a year in some capacity, I'm now bringing it down to... well, frankly I only have one planned so far.

The long and the short of it is, I'm not giving up cons entirely so much as changing how I do them. I will not be staffing conventions anymore. I found that there were some I could no longer attach my name or work to in good faith; and the ones I still love deserve someone who can devote more time and energy to the job.

In future, I'll be attending conventions only as a guest, panelist, or member of the press. That likely means a lot fewer events, and that's fine. Though if you know a good convention you'd like to see my dumb face at, feel free to direct the proper staff member(s) to this page.

Books in progress.

Kids, I've got a lot on this year. And that's a cool thing. I'm not permitted to talk about all of them yet as there are some dangling contracts yet to be signed (and some writing to actually be finished), but if you're looking for reading material, there will be plenty.

Owl's Flower is still underway, with Book 3 in the hands of my intrepid kouhai for illustration/vetting and Book 4 ready to be outlined as soon as we both have a minute. There will also be a new Owl's Flower short story in Unearthed, a charity anthology I'm editing for Altrix Books which I'm expecting to come out within the first few months of the new year.

Speaking of Altrix, The Chronosmith Chronicles will be kicking off its first series, with six books penned by myself, Paul Driscoll, and others to be mentioned. There will be an official announcement concerning titles and release dates in the near future.

I'll be working a lot with 18th Wall Productions, penning a new novella in their second Cryptid Clash! line featuring some local urban legends. I've also turned in two short stories for two separate anthologies that were absolutely wild and wonderful to write for.

There are a few more book- and story-like things in the wings, but at present there's not a lot to suggest I'm permitted to talk about them. So stay tuned.

On the charity anthology front, you can currently pick up the Doctor Who charity anthology Mild Curiosities, in which I have a short story. There's an almost indecent amount more to come.

Playing with Ko-fi.

I've found that Patreon, while amazing for YouTubers and other such content creators, doesn't really fit my model or my demographic. My readers are people who can't necessarily commit to monthly payments, and let's be real. You saw the previous section. I can't always commit to monthly bonus content.

I'm opting to work via Ko-fi in the coming year to offer bonus stories, essays, and the like that you can buy once a month a la carte for what I'm hoping will be a fair price all around. That way there won't be the commitment to a monthly fee that you might have to cancel if times get tight, you can opt out if the theme on a certain month doesn't suit you, and if I end up in a crunch and can't turn out any bonus work I won't be getting money for nothing.

Hopefully I'll be looking at something along the lines of digital chapbooks that will feature new fiction and essays, out-of-print stories, and maybe occasionally a snippet of a work in progress or a request from a previous supporter. Ideally I'll kick off in February, but if deadlines are kind and I'm not a layabout, it may be sooner.

Of course, you can still find me on sites like Crunchyroll and VRV throughout the year, too. 

I'm looking forward to what's to come, and to sharing new things with all of you as they're created! Most of all, I'm loving discovering new fellow creators and their work.

I'll see you on the flip side in 2019!

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