ConScrew: Original creator, art, story

Collaborators: Ben Cooper (two stories), Rob Lantz (one story), Barb Fisher and Chris Impink (Fragile Gravity crossover)
Status: Completed

Initially a gag-a-day parody of the East Coast anime con scene, ConScrew evolved into the story of a twentysomething vigilante whose ability to take on the powers of any costume she wore made her equal parts hero, antihero, and insurance risk.

Two collected volumes of ConScrew were printed; plans are afoot to reprint them and continue the effort.

Sticky Wicket: Co-creator, art

Collaborator: Shannon Granville
Status: Completed

Part time-travel/comedy/romance, part history lesson, Sticky Wicket uproots two Anglophile college girls with a Victorian fixation and places them in 1895 London, in the wake of Oscar Wilde's indecency trials. Tea-triggered gender-shifting, misunderstandings, and love triangles ensue.

The first of two planned volumes of Sticky Wicket were set to print; plans are afoot to reprint it and complete the effort.

Blacklight: Co-creator, art

Collaborator: Mich Allen
Status: Completed

A fantasy/comedy with three sisters -- a mage, a brawler, and a swordsman -- at its center. The truth of the land they find themselves in becomes increasingly clear as their guild master sends them on more and more taxing quests.

Yuusha Hime Kalibourne: Co-creator, art

Collaborator: Rob Lantz
Status: In progress (updates Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)

Inspired by 80s and 90s anime, superhero comics, and a dash of Arthurian legend, Kalibourne is the story of college student and relative nobody Gwen Stanton who finds herself declared the Chosen One of a far-off alien race and gifted with a magic suit of armor. As she struggles to come to terms with her role as a hero, businessman Terrence Bael and his jury of alien assassins fight to uncover her secret identity.

Seraph Shell: Original creator, art, story

Status: In progress (updates with multiple pages every Friday)

The Stormwater family protects the world from a faceless enemy and his army of undead Ghouls -- or they did until all but two family members were killed off. Now the reclusive Colin and his niece Mina fight together to protect the world from an evil they don't understand, using a magic they can't control, as a seemingly innocent librarian finds herself in the midst of their battle.