Orphaned Projects!

The projects on this page are stories, videos, and other works that have fallen by the wayside for whatever reason. And for a fee, I will finish them!

This is my way of finding out what people want to see from me, but also a way to help me finish my lagging/abandoned projects. Whoever "adopts" a piece will have their name included -- be it as a thank-you in a video or panel, or as a minor-character name check in a story.

To adopt, just hit the PayPal button and drop in the amount, and let me know which you're buying! I'll let people know what I'm working on and give an estimated completion date!

Short Stories ($10 each, $5 more to name a main character)
These stories may be submitted for publication or placed in an anthology, but whoever adopts them will be able to read them free of charge. These stories may be submitted for publication or published in a self-created anthology.

Apron Strings: Horror. A man who wants to cut himself off from all traces of his family finds his life slowly deteriorating as everything he ever got from them -- everything -- begins to disappear.

Carol's Choice: Fantasy/horror. A secret society keeping tabs on a young woman's life -- past, present, and future -- haunts her dreams to coax her into a decision.

Red-Haired Ann: Mainstream. A girl obsessed with the story of Anne of Green Gables pulls off stunts from the book for charity videos online. She's now announced her recreation of the roof-walk. ADOPTED (plus bonus)!

The Sideshow of Unsolved Mysteries: Fantasy/horror. After her death, a woman joins a mysterious sideshow. And one day, the circus comes to the town where her killer lives.

Whatever Kathleen Wants: Horror. A woman deals with two housebreakers -- her more-than-perfect neighbors -- and is held hostage as they carry out plans for her home.


Panels ($20 each)
These are panels I have considered assembling for conventions. Patrons will receive a full content outline, on the understanding that they will not present the panel themselves at any venue or give it to anyone else to present. They will also receive advance information on how to request it at a convention near them.

FNaF for the Fearful: A beginner's guide for people who are interested in the lore of Five Nights at Freddy's but who -- whether because of anxiety, medical conditions, or fear -- have avoided it. Will also include tips on how to engage safely via online content creators.


Videos ($40 each)
These videos will be released in addition to my regularly scheduled ones on my YouTube channel. Patrons will receive the finished video a week in advance of its release.

Paint Wars: A complete summing-up of the Anish Kapoor/Stuart Semple paint fight, pulled from my two blog entries plus additional research.