Short Fiction

Associates of Sherlock Holmes
Titan Books
Story: "Page Turners"

For the very first time, famous associates of the Great Detective – clients, colleagues, and of course, villains – tell their own stories in this collection of brand-new adventures. Follow Inspector Lestrade as he and Sherlock Holmes pursue a killer to rival Jack the Ripper; sit with Mycroft Holmes as he solves a case from the comfort of the Diogenes Club; take a drink with Irene Adler and Dr Watson in a Parisian cafĂ©; and join Colonel Sebastian Moran on the hunt for a supposedly mythical creature…

Billy the Page may not get much press in Dr. Watson's short stories, but by his own accounting, he's very important indeed. In "Page Turners," he takes you on a journey through one of his grander adventures through the streets of London as he weaves in and out of four of the Great Detective's cases... without knowing it.

Atlas and Alice: "Solada and the Deep Dark"

Solada finds herself alone in a world plagued by a strange, spreading darkness. She can't remember where everyone went. She can't remember how long she's been alone. All she knows is she has to find her way to the Wise Woman, the only one with the answers that will help her save her world.

Zimbell House Publishing
Story: "Five Dates in Room 405"

What does the term ‘Date Night’ inspire in you?

From a first date to a last date; from online dating disasters to a dream come true; needing to spice up a marriage to starting over, Date Night is sure to have something to spark your imagination or evoke your memories.

This anthology features twelve aspiring writers that gave us their interpretations of what a ‘date night’ entails. We hope you enjoy this anthology as much as we enjoyed bringing it you.

In "Five Dates in Room 405," a young woman learns that there's no such thing as a missed opportunity or a "last chance" when it comes to finding true love.

Story: "Phase Day"

Journalist Amaltua Obon was only seven years old when her planet phased in on top of Earth's place in the Solar System -- granting both her people and those of Earth an escape from their respective fates. But there's more to the story than benevolent winged aliens. Through a scrapbook of Amaltua's writings, we discover the truth behind "Phase Day," and what really happened to the doomed remains of Earth as we know it.

Eyedrum Periodically Issue 12: "Fusion"
Story: "Grey Line"

Mary and Anne meet infrequently in a special private room. Mary is the adult, but Anne seems to rule all their encounters with the outside world. Eventually, Mary decides to do something -- to take back control of her life. But when she cuts off Anne, the results are not remotely what she expected.

Zimbell House Publishing
Story: "The Pale Grinner"

From whimsical to scary, this collection of short stories, by fifteen talented up-and-coming story-tellers,  is sure to entertain you with their tales of what goes bump in the night.
This collection is for the lovers of bite-sized paranormal tales.

In "The Pale Grinner," a scary story finds himself brought to life -- and then forgotten. With the help of other scary stories old and new, he learns how to live on as a creature whose entire survival depends on making sure he keeps being told.

Tarot Series I
Story: "Judgment Day"
Behind the walls of the world we know are the Judges: specially trained scientists who act as confessors for departing spirits. Their special technology allows them to see the sins, secrets, and regrets of their patients before sending them on to What Comes Next. But even Judges must be judged at the end of their lives... and the story of one is about to crack the entire organization open. 

Thoughtful Dog
Story: "The Janitors of Terra Mainframe"

What happens when a conspiracy theorist finds out that everything he believed is true? Radio personality Barry Hanks teaches his listeners about the secretive Janitors running their world... but the night he meets a Janitor for the first time, everything changes.