Who Are You Talking To?

Art by Alex Aphey.

In my work for (Re)Generation Who, Intervention, and elsewhere, I end up talking to a lot of Doctor Who-related creatives: actors, artists, musicians, fan creators, and more.

Since I've sort of staked my claim both in the Whovian side of things and as a presenter/interviewer, I thought people might appreciate the ability to look up any interviews available online. Here, then, is (an attempt at) a full, regularly updated listing of any of my Doctor Who-related interviews you can watch, listen to, or read online.

For the most part, these links will take you to a different page. You may see the same interview listed more than once -- this means it was a group interview.


Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway)
-- 'All Good Dreamers' (February 2015)

Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor)
-- From (Re)Generation Who 2015 live panel: Clips
-- Five Questions with Colin Baker (February 2016)

Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)
-- From (Re)Generation Who 2015 Skype interview: Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)
-- From (Re)Generation Who 2016 live panel: Clip

Terry Molloy (Davros)
-- Five Questions with Terry Molloy (March 2016)
-- Terry Molloy Ready to Charge Up Creative Batteries at Intervention (July 2015)

Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee)
-- 'Time and Spaces' Book Launch Q&A (April 2016)


Nev Fountain (Big Finish)

Matthew Graham ('Fear Her,' 'The Rebel Flesh'/'The Almost People')
-- The Stone Tape (October 2015)

Joseph Lidster (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, The Doctor Who Experience)

George Mann (Engines of War, Titan Comics, Doctor Who Legacy)

John Peel (Target novelisations)
-- Five Questions with John Peel (February 2016)

Philip Purser-Hallard (Obverse Books)
-- The Black Archive (February 2016)

Cavan Scott (Titan Comics)
-- The SDCC 'Doctor Who' Comic Book (July 2015)

Robert Shearman ('Dalek,' various Big Finish audios)
-- Five Questions with Robert Shearman (March 2016)

Scott A. Woodard (Big Finish)
-- (Re)Gen Blog Interview (March 2015)


Rachel Talalay ('Dark Water'/'Death in Heaven,' 'Heaven Sent'/'Hell Bent')
-- Five Questions with Rachel Talalay (September 2016)


Dominic Glynn (Season 23 theme/incidentals)


Rachael Stott (Titan Comics Twelfth Doctor line)

And Beyond...

BabelColour (colourist, fan film/video creator)

Doctor Puppet
-- Doctor Who Fan Films (December 2014)

Tiny Rebel Games (creators of Doctor Who Legacy)
-- Doctor Who on iOS (January 2015)