Whoniverse Works

The City of the Saved: Tales of the Civil War
Obverse Books
Story: "The Tale of Sir Hedwyn: Or, the Laughing Knight"

War (and death) has come to the City of the Saved...

"The Tale of Sir Hedwyn" is an Arthurian Romance in an agnostic paradise. The eponymous character, a knight with a heart for chivalry but a distaste for bloodshed, finds himself in the City of the Saved, believing it to be a paradise built for adventure. Armed with a smiling face and a new devotion to the Lady Civitata, he sets forth to do all he never did in life. But then, blood is spilled...

Red Ted Books
Story: "Dark Media"

Nine Lives is brought to you by Red Ted Books and is an Unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology with proceeds going to The Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Stroke Association.
The book is based upon the version of Doctor Who as portrayed by Richard E. Grant in the Scream Of The Shalka animated series which was written by Paul Cornell.
In "Dark Media," the Time Lords shunt the Doctor off to what appears to be a children's birthday party. But behind the scenes is a much darker secret: a seemingly haunted video game that sees its surroundings and hijacks its players. The Doctor picks up the controller to uncover the truth behind the terrifying game in this story inspired by modern indie horror such as BEN Drowned.

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme
Obverse Books
Story: "Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear"

Samhain is one of those little snow-covered villages that look as if they haven’t changed in the last thousand years. But Iris Wildthyme has been back to the village time and time again, and every visit brings its own unique adventures. Because there is a fancy dress shop in the heart of the village, with changing rooms that are doorways to anywhere in time and space. And one of these days, Iris is determined that she will get to the bottom of just what exactly is going on.
Or perhaps, on one of those days, she already has…
"Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear" is an "Iris-lite" story, featuring a young girl braving a mysterious monster on the night of her tenth birthday. With a drunk and irritable Panda in tow, she recounts her memories of the fearsome beast with the glowing eye, as she braces herself to finally meet it and find out what it wants...

A Target for Tommy
Obverse Books
Story: "Doctor Who and the Viking"

A charity anthology created to raise money for author Tommy Donbavand, featuring original stories from all across the Whoniverse. This book is no longer available for sale -- thank you to everyone who bought a copy!

In "Doctor Who and the Viking," the Twelfth Doctor and Clara travel to Denver in 1975 to get to the bottom of a bothersome mystery: in the present day, the Viking 1 lander is sending out dangerous waves, and someone on the original team is to blame. Passing himself off as a replacement troubleshooter, the Doctor infiltrates NASA's labs to find out what it is that the team is hiding.

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made
Watching Books
Essay: "Cold War, Family Style"

Very few television programmes make it to their fiftieth birthday. But then, Doctor Who is just a little bit special.

From its humble beginnings being recorded in a tiny studio on 405-line black and white video cameras with a minuscule budget, to its latest incarnation on HD as one of the BBC's flagship dramas, Doctor Who has always moved with the times, and often reflected them. For the last five decades, the series has inspired and engaged audiences in a way that no other television programme has ever managed.

For more than 26 years, the original series delighted children of all ages with its unique blend of sci-fi and horror, excitement and scares, cliffhanger storytelling and, above all, monsters. As the programme grew, so we grew with it, absorbing its pleasures in diverse and changing ways.

As it enters its anniversary year, Doctor Who is more popular than ever before. This wholly original blend of science fiction concepts and magical storytelling, updated for the 21st century, is delighting a whole new generation of fans, alongside those of us who waited patiently for the inevitable regeneration.

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made 
is a record of how that relationship began, how it continues, and of how we have experienced those fifty years, as written by the show’s own fans.

"Cold War, Family Style" centers on the Eleventh Doctor episode "Cold War" -- the reintroduction of the Ice Warriors in the modern canon. The essay is something of a discovery for myself; while I believed the episode would be a lesson for my family in Classic Who, it ended up being a lesson for me in the wonder of personal discovery.