Whoniverse Works

A regularly-updated, (usually) complete list of Who and Who-adjacent writings in print.

* Charity publication
+ Non-Fiction/Editorial
# Fiction/Canonical

The Black Archive: Heaven Sent
Obverse Books

The City of the Saved: Tales of the Civil War
Obverse Books
Story: "The Tale of Sir Hedwyn: Or, the Laughing Knight"

Obverse Books
Story: "The Wandering Child"

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme
Obverse Books
Story: "Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear"

Seasons of War: Gallifrey
Altrix Books
Co-written with Paul Driscoll

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made
Watching Books
Essay: "Cold War, Family Style"

Currently Out of Print

Out of respect for copyright and the IP holders, charity anthologies have a limited print run; thus you will likely not see them return to print. I may at some point release my short stories from these collections elsewhere.

* Nine Lives
Red Ted Books
Story: "Dark Media"

* The Hybrid
RandomThunk Productions
Story: "Mêlée a Trois"

* A Target for Tommy 
Obverse Books
Story: "Doctor Who and the Viking"