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APPEARANCES: See Me at Anime Mid-Atlantic!

By 4:00 AM

Whew! Today's the day! I'm heading out to Anime Mid-Atlantic in Norfolk, VA for the... I don't know how manyth time. I think I've been to all of them, actually. So the 17th time.

Oh my God.

Anyway, it'll be the usual for me. Running karaoke, mainly. We have a full house this year, with all sorts of awesome people lined up to sing awesome songs. It's great to see regulars coming back, and I always love seeing new faces in the crowd. I can't wait to work with my crew again!

Also, I'll be promoting for (Re)Generation Who and PotterVerse throughout the weekend, so be sure to stop by if you see our table!

... now pardon me for keeping this short, but I'm not even remotely done with everything that needs doing. See you there!

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