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So, you know, it'll come as exactly no surprise that there were things I forgot to mention in my previous Illinois Adventures posts. It may have been "only" a week (though taking off from home for a week or two is still kind of a big deal for me time-wise), but I sort of fell into the routine of things there and after a while you can sort of lose track of stuff.

So, the things I missed.

Breakfast at Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill Breakfast CafĂ© looks to have a handful of locations, which I wouldn't have guessed when we went in. It looks a lot like a one-location sort of business... but considering how busy they were when I was there, I'm glad there are multiple places.

Ginger and I had talked at length (okay, Ginger talked once and then I wouldn't shut up) about their Oreo s'mores pancakes, which I was intent on trying. We ended up splitting a plate of those between us along with some sides, because there was probably no way each of us was going to conquer a whole plate of those.

Well, thing is, the pancakes were amazing. Usually when you get something that dessert-y pancake-wise, it's just a pile of ridiculously sweet stuff. But this had a really good balance. There was some stuff baked into the pancakes, yes, but it wasn't just sugar all the way through. It never got too cloying taste-wise. Though I'm sure having sides like turkey sausage and fruit helped with that.

It was a great venue, but extremely full. I won't hold that against them, though -- they definitely deserve the business.

The End of MST3K

For now? Anyway?

Ginger and I finished off the season together (like we'd agreed we would) and there were a few surprises. You don't expect there to be story arcs, plot points, and cliffhangers in a show like this. But for a 21st century Netflix audience, there were indeed.

I don't want to say too much about what happened outside the theater just in case people are still catching up. But there were some little hints at how it would end scattered throughout the season as a whole. What does the very very end mean? I'm not entirely sure. But I'm hoping it leads to more episodes in the near future.

Ginger has super-cute dogs.

For whatever reason, Ginger's family decided that meeting me would be a good idea. So I went out to Olive Garden with them for dinner, then back to her parents' place -- where I met the family dogs.

The blurry one seen above is Jack. Chelsea was also present (a white Maltese who's a few years older than Jack, but she wasn't much for being photographed. Or petted. Or, well, anything. Jack, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to love you, and will jump up onto your lap and lick the air around your face to prove it.

Honestly -- and this isn't an exaggeration -- Jack is only slightly larger than my largest guinea pig, and a little lighter than my heaviest (at least it felt that way). I only wish more dogs his age had this degree of energy.

I'm almost certain there's still something I forgot to mention about the trip of importance. But overall, it was very relaxed, and that's how I like it. Outings, but not a lot of outings. I was able to sleep in if I needed to (which I did -- thanks, random cold), work when I needed to, and basically just do what we always do, except on the same sofa instead of over Skype.

Successful trip. Now it's her turn.

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