About Kara Dennison

Art by Ginger Hoesly

Kara Dennison comes from an eclectic background: raised by a rocket scientist, trained in both literature and theater, with experience in journalism, fiction writing, interviewing, and a variety of jobs in the entertainment industry. With nearly two decades of practical experience at her disposal, she currently writes for a variety of publications on geek topics, psychology, and the intersection between them.

After nearly a decade at the news desk for ArcaMax Publishing, Kara moved on to work in the anime industry as a localization expert. Credits include games Higurashi: When They Cry and CLANNAD, and anime series Mazinger Z, Devilman, Library Wars, and liner note contributions for the anniversary release of Otaku no Video. She went on to join the news desk at Crunchyroll, where she currently contributes daily to news and features.

Kara's work can also be read on Fanbyte, The Sartorial Geek by Jordandené, and WE ARE CULT, to name a few.

Outside the geek news scene, Kara is a prolific writer in both genre fiction and critical writing. Notably, she has contributed to the Black Archive line from Obverse Books with a book-length exploration of the Doctor Who episode Heaven Sent. Her essays have also featured in anthologies from Watching books on a variety of notable films and television shows.

In the works of fiction, Kara is a regular contributor to Doctor Who spinoff series, including Iris Wildthyme and The City of the Saved. Her most recent book, Vanishing Tales of the City, brings together these lines and more as the final installment in a six-book anniversary release. Her work has also appeared in Associates of Sherlock Holmes and a variety of charity anthologies, with more currently in the works.

Kara has extensive experience as an interviewer and presenter. Notable interviewees include Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi (in his first public interview after leaving Doctor Who), David Gerrold, and multiple actors from the Harry Potter films.


Kara Dennison currently works from southeastern Virginia. For inquiries and a full resume, please visit her LinkedIn.