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Published Works

A (hopefully) up-to-date catalogue of my writing work to date.

* = Sole author

Doctor Who and Expanded Universe

Reference and Analysis

Iris Wildthyme

The City of the Saved

Tales of the Civil War (Obverse Books)

Vanishing Tales of the City (Obverse Books)*

Charity Books/Zines

(Books with a ^ are out of print)

Defending Earth (Adventures on Earth)^

Forgotten Lives (Obverse Books)

The Hybrid (RaThZEm)

Master Pieces (Altrix Books)^

Mild Curiosities: An Ian and Barbara Fanzine^

Moon Man (RaThZEm)

Nine Lives (Red Ted Books)^

Seasons of War: Gallifrey (Altrix Books) (with Paul Driscoll)^

A Target for Tommy (Obverse Books)^

Owl's Flower (with Ginger Hoesly)

Main Series

In Other Anthologies

Relics (Red Ted Books)

Unearthed (Altrix Books)

The Chronosmith Chronicles

(co-created with Paul Driscoll)

#2: Eleanor's Tears (Altrix Books)*

Selected Other Works

The Curse of Fanfic (Obverse Books)

Me and the Starman (Chinbeard Books)

Ride the Star Wind (Broken Eye Books)

Sockhops & Seances (18th Wall)

You & Who Else (Watching Books)