Panel: Getting Started in the Anime Industry

You don't have to live in Japan, be a great animator, or know how to do character voices to get a job in the anime industry. Translators, editors, and more are needed for anime and video games released online and on DVD. With the right skill set, you can make a career localizing your favorite pastime for your fellow fans.

In this panel, editor and localization expert Kara Dennison discusses what you need to know to get started in the US branch of the anime industry -- from what skill sets to build to what software you'll need, and even what to expect from certain companies.

While this panel contains nothing inappropriate for younger audiences, the content is geared toward late teen and up.

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Time: 50 minutes
Requirements: HDMI hook-up, projector, screen.

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Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, and presenter in Newport News, VA. She is a regular news writer for Crunchyroll, and has served as an editor and localization expert for anime and games Crunchyroll, Sekai Project, Discotek, and more. Her history at anime cons extends back to 2000, where she has worked as a panel presenter and staffer.