Panel: Playing in Sandboxes -- How to Write for Franchises

Fanfiction isn't just for entertainment anymore. With the ever-widening grasp of our favorite franchises on all media, there are more calls than ever for writers and artists who can tap into the worlds of existing books, films, and TV shows. Working as a tie-in or franchise writer is a legitimate career. But how does one get started?

In this panel, Kara Dennison discusses not only how to get yourself seen by your favorite franchises, but also how to prepare to write in them. She also covers what to do when your own world gets big enough to bring in collaborators. Whether you're a fanfic writer or looking to break into the bigger world of published writing, this is the panel you need to help you along.

This panel, while containing no material inappropriate for children, is aimed at late teens and up.

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Time: 50 minutes
Requirements: None.

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Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, and presenter in Newport News, VA. She has written within multiple franchises, including Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, and collaborates with Ginger Hoesly on the light novel series Owl's Flower. Her work can be seen in print from Obverse Books, Titan Books, and beyond.