Published Works

A (hopefully) up-to-date catalogue of my writing work to date.

* = Volume is a fan-produced work


"Ankle Deep" (in Incandescent Mind Issue 1, Sadie Girl Press)

"Cold War, Family Style" (in You & Who: Contact Has Been Made, Watching Books)

"I Very Nearly Died; A Beginner's Guide to Doctor Who" (in You & 42: THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO DOUGLAS ADAMS, Who Dares Publishing)

"A Lady's Prayer" (in Jenny Issue 011, YSU Student Literary Arts Association)

"Magic Pants: The Movie" (in Me and the Starman, Chinbeard Books)

"Meeting Friends Over Again: Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes" (in You & Who Else, Watching Books)

"Ribbon Trees" (in Rooted, Outpost19)

"The Walk" (in Litro #155: Movement)

Short Stories

The City Of the Saved (Obverse Books)

  • "The Tale of Sir Hedwyn: Or, the Laughing Knight" (in Tales of the Civil War)
  • "Wandering Child" (in Stranger Tales of the City)

"Auntie Mary"* (in Master Pieces, Altrix Books)

"Billson" (in My American Nightmare: Women in Horror Anthology, Azzura Nox)

"Canary Down" (in Ride the Star Wind, Broken Eye Books)

"Clarity" (in Relics, Red Ted Books)

"Dark Media"* (in Nine Lives, Red Ted Books)

"Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear" (in The Perennial Miss Wildthyme, Obverse Books)

"Five Dates in Room 405" (in Date Night, Zimbell House Publishing)

"Grey Line" (in Eyedrum Periodically Issue 12: "Fusion")

"Hatter House" (in THAT Literary Review)

"The Janitors of Terra Mainframe" (in Thoughtful Dog)

"Judgment Day" (in Tarot Series I, NILVX)

"Kill the Cat" (in Unearthed, Altrix Books)

"Melee a Trois"* (in The Hybrid, RaThZEm)

"Page Turners" (in Associates of Sherlock Holmes, Titan Books)

"The Pale Grinner" (in Nocturnal Natures, Zimbell House Publishing)

"Phase Day" (in Devilfish Review Issue 18)

"Solada and the Deep Dark" (in Atlas and Alice)

"Son of the Wolf" (in Sockhops & Seances, 18th Wall)

"The Sparks"* (in Defending Earth, Adventures on Earth)

"Thief of Hearts"* (in Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space, Fade to Black Publishing)

"Touch the Stars"* (in Mild Curiosities: An Ian and Barbara Fanzine)

"Universal Love"* (in A Pile of Good Things, RaThZEm)

Linking material for Moon Man* (RaThZEm)


Owl's Flower (with Ginger Hoesly)

  • #1: Owl's Flower
  • #2: Ghost Fall

The Black Archive #21: Heaven Sent (from Obverse Books)

Seasons of War: Gallifrey* (from Altrix Books) (with Paul Driscoll)

Vanishing Tales of the City (from Obverse Books)

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