Monday, January 23, 2017

"Solada and the Deep Dark" -- Art Imitates Life

Usually, I can look back and remember what inspired certain short stories of mine. Sometimes it's a call for stories on a particular theme. Sometimes it's a moment in my life, or a line I hear someone say, that explodes into a story in my head.

But honestly? I can't remember what made me dream up Solada, her goat, and her unusual circumstances.

"Solada and the Deep Dark" was an odd little story I typed out for a story call ages ago, and shopped around around for ages without finding a home for her. While at the start I recall that there was something about this story that was styled to fit one an anthology call or another, it eventually became its own story.

Solada lives in a world unlike ours -- and for some reason, she's alone in it. She can't remember why, or where everyone else went. She only remembers nightmares of people begging her for help. And when she awakens on one particular night, a blight known as the Deep Dark is eating her home alive. No one knows what it is or what causes it... only that it pulls the life out of whatever it touches.

The other thing she knows is that there is a wise woman a long journey's hence who can answer any question and solve any problem. And when Solada makes it to her destination, she does indeed get her answers -- but they're not remotely what she was expecting.

I was pleased (and surprised) beyond belief when Atlas and Alice wrote back and said they wanted it for a future issue. I'd started to think that maybe Solada's story was a bit too crazy for anyone to publish, but for this particular publication, it's a perfect fit. I can't wait to see what other people think of her.

Check out their latest issue to read the full story. I'd tell you more, but I feel like it's best going in with no more than basic information. I've no idea how well the twist in the tale will resonate for you... but maybe let me know?

And thanks to Atlas and Alice, of course, for picking me up! You can read the story now on their site.