Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BOOKS: Owl's Flower 2 Is Freaking Here

I'm still getting used to the idea of having written books. Like, books that are out there. I wrote a ton of books when I was a kid, and they weren't that great if I'm honest. I'm recycling a few for comics of NaNoWriMo, but overall my youth output was not ready for prime time.

Now I'm coming to a time in my life where I'm, like, getting published honestly. I'm getting a few very cool short stories out there into big anthologies (more on those soon), I'm writing day and night for multiple websites, and I'm working with some amazing collaborators on some amazing projects. I love working with Rob on Kalibourne still, and I'm digging working with Ginger on Owl's Flower. Honestly, I'm very fortunate to have friends I love working with who are also extremely talented.

Ghost Fall is the second in the Owl's Flower light novel series. For those who somehow haven't heard about this from me yet, it's our take on paranormal romance: a relationship that isn't perfect but also doesn't draw drama from angst and unhealthy behaviour. A heroine who isn't an "unspecial teenager who becomes special." A hero who's an immortal but not a sparkling infallible Adonis. Secondary characters with interesting stories. Mythology and religion pulled from cultures all over the world. And tasty recipes.

The first book was an "origin story," and starting now we can start going crazy. Ghost Fall is a Halloween story, so there's some horror aspects. We don't go full terrifying because that doesn't fit this series, but we do play around with some ghastly ghosts and some serious psychological implications. Our B story is a fairly simple-seeming one: a committed couple moving in together, and what that means for both daily life and building trust.

Ginger's 13 pieces for this book include one of my absolute favourite things she's ever drawn, Owl's Flower or otherwise. You'll know it when you see it.

Incidentally, Ghost Fall is frickin' cheap -- the price of a Ko-fi (or more if you feel inclined). You can pick it up here as an ebook, as well as the first book (which is always free). Print copies will be forthcoming as we price some printers.

Also, we're looking into doing some collab events at cons and the like. So keep your ears open!