Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Litro ~ The Walk

For someone who keeps a blog and writes rather long entries, I do have a difficult time talking about myself when it comes to writing non-fiction for published works. My initial attempts to answer an open call for issue 155 of Litro Magazine, themed 'Movement,' were all awkward short stories turning maneuvering out of unpleasant social situations into dance steps. I could never get it right, and I was dissatisfied with every attempt.

I scrapped everything, musing that maybe I couldn't write on the topic of movement because up until a few years ago I'd not been able to move very much. That in and of itself was an interesting idea: what if, instead of writing about movement, I wrote about the desire for movement?

That became 'The Walk,' which made it into this month's issue. It's a non-fiction piece, told out of order, concerning the effect endometriosis had on my life -- specifically, being robbed of easy movement.

It wasn't an easy piece to write, as it recalled thinking quite a bit about just how unfair a lot of my situation was. I could barely walk to my friend's wedding reception, but had no trouble standing all the way through my grandmother's funeral. A motorcycle ride that was freeing at one point became excruciating a few years later. It's all behind me, but it still comes to mind sometimes.

For those who don't know, Litro is the UK's leading free short fiction magazine. You can pick up copies free there, or buy your own copy for £6. Some of the pieces (including mine) are also on the website.

It was a fantastic experience for me to be part of this, and I'm looking forward to contributing again someday. I hope you'll all give it a look, especially if you're in the UK and happen to see one handy.